Creating an Employer Brand
The proliferation of company websites listing employment opportunities allows for recruitment advertisements to focus more on image and employer branding and less on extensive job descriptions. We will work with you to create an employer branded “look” that will remain consistent throughout all media placements, benefiting both recruitment and retention.

Finding Talent
Demographically and Geographically

Before you invest valuable time searching for publications, deadlines and rates, call us. We work with our clients to research the best local and national newspapers, as well as recommend targeted trade journals and association publications. Whether it’s the Sunday newspaper in your target market, smaller community papers, shoppers, employment-focused or diversity publications, we will find the media that offers the strongest coverage at the best cost.

No matter if you’re targeting close competitors, searching for displaced employees who may fit your company’s culture, or seeking to fill a position that is out-of-state, our extensive media file and research capabilities will make your job easier.

EOE / Diversity Campaigns
ADZ Etc. can develop an EOE/Diversity Campaign that meets your company’s specific needs. From local to national exposure (print & Internet), ADZ can design a program that works within your guidelines and budget.

Strategic Media Buying / Negotiations
Media contracts can be confusing. That’s why we track our clients’ placements, review existing contracts and negotiate/recommend the best discounts available. And, as for those distracting phone calls from media representatives, simply tell them, “I work with ADZ Etc. Please contact them directly regarding my account.”

Partner with ADZ Etc. and allow our experienced and qualified staff to design, develop and implement a total marketing recruitment plan using a multi-media approach to include local and national newspapers, the Internet, radio, trade publications, direct mail and more.