Setting You Apart
Standing out from your competitors often means leaving the traditional recruitment path. Moving beyond your typical newspaper ad can enhance and bring home your message with the active job seeker, as well as reach the happily employed passive job seeker who doesnít know they are looking for that new job Ė yet.

Be Different
Put your company in the spotlight. Present your career opportunities completely separate from those of your competitorís.

  • Radio
  • Cable Television/TV/Transit TV
  • Post-it Notes: The only way to get an ad on the front page of the newspaper.
  • On-site Job Fairs: Hosting your own Job Fair means you have candidates all to yourself on your home turf.

Captivate the Audience

Donít be ignored. Put your message in front of potential candidates where it canít be turned off or put aside.

  • Cinema
  • Outdoor Media: Billboard and Transportation/Bus

From the Beginning
Reach college students with your Employer Brand before they start the job search. Let your current employees know from day one that you consider them your most valuable asset and resource.

  • New Grad/College Recruitment: College posters and flyers
  • Referral and Retention Programs
  • Company Newsletter/Employee-related materials

Build Top-of Mind Awareness
We take a total marketing approach to your recruitment advertising. By creating unique ad designs, we keep your message and image consistent across all forms of media, from print to radio to the Internet, including brochures, flyers, posters and more. Keep your name in front of them longer Ė we can even help you with placing your logo on wearables and promotional products through our Dogleg-Left Advertising Specialties division.