There’s no “I” in Team
There’s no “I” in ADZ Etc. either… coincidence? We think not. Team ADZ isn’t just a clever moniker – it’s a mindset. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in providing cost-effective recruitment advertising solutions.

At ADZ Etc. we use a collaborative approach – pulling from each individual’s experience to get the job done. While each of us is responsible for a group of specific accounts, everyone in our office is familiar with our entire client base and can handle requests in the absence of one of our team members.

Work Hard. Play Hard.
ADZ Etc. is a laid back work environment prone to cracking jokes, having a dog run around the office – and the occasional trip to Vegas… However, amidst the “good time” atmosphere we create – we take each and every one of our clients, and their requests, very seriously.

Each account rep is responsible for trafficking every ad request from start to finish – working with the client every step of the way. Our double proofing system allows your ad to be viewed by a “fresh set of eyes” before we submit it, ensuring accuracy of both ad content and placement. And you will always see a proof and estimated cost for each ad before it is placed; we prefer that you review the ad and let us know if any changes are needed or if it’s “good to go.”

Partnering for Success
Now, in return for this exceptional service, we do have one small request from our clients. Please, please, PLEASE do your best to get ad requests to us as early as possible. Remember, as a client, you are an integral part of Team ADZ – and we want to be sure that your ads are hitting the mark, every time. While we occasionally perform some pretty miraculous ad turn-arounds, too short of notice increases the chances of missing the infamous “drop dead” deadline.